The ultimate job interview advice, George Goulas

When it comes to a job interview what would be the last thing you should say to yourself before entering the room?

How would you advise people you love and care about to perform?

Can all the wisdom fit in one sentence? Oh, yes…

Candidates have stereotypes about job interviews: they expect the all time classic questions, a senior-aged recruiter or perhaps a relaxed conversation. So, when it comes to the interview some candidates do not focus on what they hear, but on what they expect to hear!

Another parameter, is that the time of recruiters is limited nowadays. Many candidates but less interviewers. The chances of being called for an interview are decreasing and at the same time a recruiter has to make the most out of you in less than an hour in most cases. That means, you should not expect to talk for hours about your book of life! It’s all about what they want to learn about you.

Also, usually the headhunters carry out interviews using a check box. Are you familiar with Miscrosoft Office? Yes or No? Do you have certifications? Yes or No? Do you have banking experience? Yes or No? They want to make sure that the check list that their client demanded is full and completed. Unfortunately, success stories are not in their check list.

Some examples now! If they ask you: “Do you speak a foreign language”? you should answer which is the language that you speak. You should not say eg. I speak German beacause I love the language and we also had a neighboor with whom I was practicing and I also travel very often to Germany. NO! If the recruiter asks you how you practice or why you studied that language you can give this extra clarifications!

In a few words, the ultimate advice for a job interview is…

“Be specific! Make sure you reply exactly to what the interviewer asks you ”
Take a big breath before any answer, take some time to think about it and then reply to the exact question.

You will enjoy the conversation, you will present an excellent professional profile and you will increase the odds of getting hired!

Good luck!

George Goulas, Human – Centric Coach

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